Red Rabbit - Bespoke Stone Setting.

Join us this weekend, 24-25 June & 1-2 of July for a event we are very excited about with Red Rabbit.

Mike will be over with a selection of his turquoise & silver jewellery to purchase, and the option to choose your and have set your desired Cabochon.

There will be a selection of ‘blank’ rings, cuffs and belt buckles to choose from and ready for customisation.

We will also be supplying some drinks through the day, so please come by.

Before he arrives, we asked him to write up a little history of the brand, how they got started and what they are all about, so you can get to now them a little better.


About 8 years ago I was looking for a few vintage Mexican biker rings. Once I saw the asking price of these designs it wasn’t far off from the price to purchase the tools to make something similar, so I went that route. In doing research on vintage jewellery designs I came across early southwest style jewellery and imagery. After searching for vintage pieces while living in Arizona it was very difficult to find pieces with more mens sizing and esthetic. So…. Again thought I could give it a shot making something similar.

On our first trip to japan we crossed paths with Ethan newton of Brycelands and began working together, and as they say the rest is history.

Red Rabbit trading is a project built on passion each piece is made by hand the old way in our small Texas workshop. We would appreciate to opportunity to share our love of our craft with you.

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