Made to Measure Service

The made-to-measure we offer through Byrceland's is an expression of our style, and a desire to help our customers create and design tailoring, which shows their own personal style and taste. 

Our house block: the foundations for all our made-to-measure suits, is tailored for us in Hong Kong by W.W. Chan. With a dramatic wider lapel and low gorge, falling into an elegant 3/2 roll; soft, broad shoulder and fuller fitting body, designed to drape and hang beautifully, not closely contour the body. 

The trouser, the 'Winston', is high-rise, with a button fly and two deep forward-facing pleats, with a leg which subtly tapers, to create a neat and timeless silhouette. 

The process starts here at 48 Chiltern St. where we encourage making an appointment, in advance, for your consultation - so that we can provide the best and most in depth service at this early stage of the process. Beginning with our in-house sizing garments and numerous cloths to choose from, from reputable British mills; including but not limited to, Fox Brothers, Dugdale, Holland and Sherry, Standeven and Harrisons. As well as a small variety of deadstock lengths. In addition, if you have a particular cloth/mill in mind, we will accommodate where possible (lead times may be affected).

Once fitted in the correct block size, we can then begin the process of pinning and marking any adjustments to the pattern to fit your form. Once satisfied with the amendments to the block garment, we can start the fun part of discussing personal style and details for the garment in question: Be it a two piece suit, sports jacket or trousers. 

Each item is individually hand cut and hand finished, by master crafts men and women in Hong Kong, using traditional Shanghainese methods, and will arrive in London within 6-8 weeks. With our house cut being a little looser through the body and designed to drape to the wearers form, we find little to no alterations are generally required. Allowing you to walk away with a finished garment, designed and crafted specifically for you. 

M-T-M Examples

  • Kenji wears Hardy Minnis 12oZ Fresco two piece in Slate Brown
  • Ethan wears Fox Brothers 10oZ Prince of Wales Fox Air two piece
  • Kenji wears W.Bill 12oZ Fine Irish Linen two piece in Tobacco brown
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